Ernie Bello Motorsport, Inc.            

              Ernie Bello started in 1969. Cristina Bello joined Ernie in 2004. Marcelo Calatayu joined in 2000. Junior Calero joined in 2010. We work well together, we are on the same step...

               It’s the little things we do that make a difference: A “flat repair” invariably includes checking & correcting all tire pressures; “tire installation” includes also checking the condition and pressure of the spare tire; spare tires and hardware are always replaced & fastened down; wheel alignment is done correctly, on accurate, calibrated equipment; a personalized “before & after” printout shows what was changed in the wheel alignment. Brake repair or replacement involves careful inspection and “listening!” to the customer.

               What and where is the problem? Not the “shotgun” approach of other shops: replace everything! That should fix it! No joy rides in neat cars; no unnecessary road testing. We are not greedy, we will not pressure customers. We have more waiting! We have customers that go back more than 2 decades! We have 2nd & 3rd generation customers in our customer roster! 

               Part of our expertise stems from the motorsports activities we engage in: Ernie is a Driving Instructor at BMW and Porsche Club activities, Ernie is an active racer in HSR and VDCA Vintage Racing; Cristina is a participant in BMW & Porsche Club Driving Schools. Marcelo has a sterling reputation as an alignment technician. Our customers come from far away for his wheel alignment expertise. Be it a daily driver or a dedicated “track car” that is trailered to the racetrack…

               Marcelo & Junior are meticulous and skilled in custom wheel and tire installation, wheel balancing, and thinking their way thru a problem… The answer is not always “more parts” but careful assembly of what is there!  We solve many issues that have eluded other shops because we exercise in due diligence in problem solving.

               We are opened 8:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday. We work by appointments but we will talk to you at any time. Give us a call… ask us your question… We will welcome you!